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The Tall: 
Hey, I'm "the tall", real name Bisi. I'm currently studying in my second year of University in the UK and loving it. I've always loved writing and so when the idea to start ‘The Tall and Short of it All’ came along, I couldn't resist! Few things you should know about me include: I’m 5’11, studying Mandarin Chinese, youngest child and a massive geek.
The Short:
Hi, I’m "the short" and I’m known as Bundi. I was raised in London but I’m now in my third year of University in America. I love to travel and document everything so this blog seemed like the perfect artistic outlet for me! I may be a very average 5’5 but that’s about all that’s average about me and my life.
We hope you stick around and maybe follow us more closely by checking out our Instagram (@theshortofitall) and Twitter (@thetallofitall) accounts. 
 tall and short x 

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