Friday, 28 March 2014

Shredded Jeans: How Much is Too Much?

I just bought a pair of Rag & Bone zipped capri jeans (pictured) after many years of skepticism and it’s fair to say, I’ve definitely been won over. As Spring approaches, more and more women are reaching for that pair of shredded jeans which add a bit of edge to any outfit. But beware of the over-shred - there is such a thing as too much shred! If there’s more leg than jean showing, you’ve gone too far.

the short.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Risk-taking on the Altuzarra Runway

There’s been a rising trend of more and more designers incorporating brighter and more experimental fabrics into their collections. And judging from the Altuzarra Fall 2014 runway collection, it looks like brights and shearling are definitely in this fall! 

Moral of the story: risks are often worth taking, especially when it comes to fashion!

the short.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Lego Movie

2 weeks ago, knowing I was coming down to London for a weekend, my brother called me up to know if I wanted to do something the night I came back. The last thing I expected him to suggest we do is go watch The Lego Movie.  I had heard good reviews about it so it wasn’t that I was surprised that he would like it, but I’d say my brother is a bit of a movie snob. What I didn’t expect was to be left in my seat bawling with tears of laughter.

From the get-go the movie is absolutely hilarious with its catchy intro tune, its sarcastic take on our everyday lives and the numerous geek references to other franchise. But besides the funny story line, the actual editing of the of the whole movie was incredible. Now, when we were younger, my brother and I used to often play to the 1997 PC game ‘Lego Island’. Everything about the movie brought back visuals of the game. The way the lego pieces were designed, how the lego pieces moved and jumped, everything. I try to convince a few of my friends to go watch the movie, however at the word “lego” they scoff and tell me I’m being silly. I would definitely suggest everyone go watch this movie, and not just in a ditch attempt to take the kids out. 

the tall. 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Cushnie et Ochs at a Glance

Cushnie et Ochs was established in 2008 by Carlie Cushnie and Michelle Ochs. Since then it has become a staple for everyone from A-list celebrities to dignitaries like Michelle Obama. Whether it’s swimwear or tailoring, this brand dominates.

Cushnie et Ochs’ silhouette seamlessly combines femininity with edge. The use of bold colors and cutout designs highlight flattering aspects of every woman’s body while each design easily translates from runway to everyday wear.

the short.

Monday, 3 March 2014

86th Annual Academy Awards


Last night we saw another spectacular summary of the year of film (and musical talent) from the 86th Oscars. While Gravity stole the show winning the most awards, beautiful ladies stunned in beautiful gowns and dapper men competed for the most squeals, last nights award ceremony also had a light hearted feel and a good display of celebrity humour. So, as a tribute I note down my top 5 moments of the oscars.