Monday, 3 March 2014

86th Annual Academy Awards


Last night we saw another spectacular summary of the year of film (and musical talent) from the 86th Oscars. While Gravity stole the show winning the most awards, beautiful ladies stunned in beautiful gowns and dapper men competed for the most squeals, last nights award ceremony also had a light hearted feel and a good display of celebrity humour. So, as a tribute I note down my top 5 moments of the oscars.
1. When this picture happened


The moment I found out that Ellen Degeneres was hosting the Oscars, I expected supreme flawlessness. This selfie taken in the middle of the award show gave me just that. I mean really. The picture has broken twitter records to become to most retweeted pic of all time. 

2. When Meryl Streep did the shimmy


During Pharrell’s performance he got off stage and began dancing with a few members of the front row. He managed to get Lupita Nyong’o, Amy Adams, and YES Meryl Streep to join him. Shame he strolled past Jennifer Lawrence though…I’m sure hilarity would have ensued. 

3. When Kerry Washington got pizza


During the awards Ellen posed a question to the audience asking if they were hungry and wanted pizza. Kerry Washington, who was directly beside the host, waited no moment and shot her hand straight up. Obviously the soon-to-be mum wanted this handled 

No seriously look at her reaction. 

4. When Ellen used Pharrell’s hat to collect money


The National Guard hat made another appearance last night after Ellen joked about not having enough money and therefore needing change from those who attended. But for reals guys, she passed it around like church collection.

5. When Jared Leto beautifully appreciated his mum and made his speech


Finally Jared Leto, who won best supporting actor for his role in Dallas Buyers Club basically dedicated this night to his beautiful mother and also those suffering through AIDs and war. Someone please give this guy another trophy!

Obviously my other top moments in the oscars (which are all un-coincidentally Jennifer Lawrence centred) include, when J-Law (yes I said wrote it) tripped again and Ellen Degeneres pointed it out, and also when the actress shook her bingo wings at the cameras on the red carpet. What a role model. 

the tall. 

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