Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Tall is heading to Taiwan

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As some might know, I'm currently at university studying Mandarin Chinese. It's an interesting subject to say the least. I'm exposed to a completely different society than I'm used to, a different language and learning culture, history and politics on the way. The most exciting feature is my upcoming journey to Taiwan.

 For 9 months I'll be away studying at a Taiwanese university to not only learn the language but to completely immerse myself in the culture. It would be an understatement to say that I'm excited to travel to a region I've never been to before (which often raises questions as to how I even began learning the language) but understand that I will also be pushed mentally, and placed outside my comfort zone in order to adapt and make the most of my experience. The particular reason I'm mentioning this is mainly because, as you would imagine, many of my posts here would be dedicated to fashion, life and food in Taiwan. So, hopefully you're ready to join me because I'm probably going to need a lot of help! 

the tall. 

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  1. woah! Go you! sounds amazing! good luck hun


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