Thursday, 26 December 2013

Eyes On Aimee Song

Blogger Aimee Song, author of Song of Style, began blogging in 2008. She originally intended to start her blog in order to show off her interior designs, but then then fashion buzz caught her and she soon changed the direction of her blogging. Still, she is an interior designer and loves her job, integrating it with her posts and her lifestyle.

Living in L.A, her style is what many describe as laid-back girly grunge which a touch of luxe every now and then. She has collaborated with many fashion brands, but knowing her love of Guiseppe Zanotti shoes, I’m waiting for that collaboration to happen. She is definitely one of my favourite bloggers to date and hope that you will learn to love her too. Btw, she has an equally badass sister Dani Song.

P.S Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day! 

the tall. 

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