Thursday, 9 October 2014

Andre 3000's Profound Messages

This year has revelled in the return of Outkast to the music game. The pair, Big Boi and André 3000, reunited this year and promised a comeback tour putting them as the headline for various festivals around the world. Although I have not been lucky enough to attend any of theirs performances, my friends tell me they're as electric as ever. Something that has caught my eye of recent are the constant wardrobe changes that happen in each of their shows, which of course is normal amongst most artists, but not when they carry a different message for every performance. If you still haven't got a clue I'm talking about Andre Lauren Benjamin a.k.a André 3000.
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Whether these messages are a PR stunt or of Mr 3000's own choice, I'm not really sure, but some of these messages come as hilarious and others rather thought provoking. What do you think André 3000 is trying to tell us? 

the tall. 

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