Monday, 10 February 2014

Winter Boots: Stylish Meets Practical

Now that I spent most of my time in Chicago, I’ve fully realized the importance of a good pair of winter boots! The inches of snow, ice, and Arctic-esque winds this year have truly been an experience. Having experimented with different boots over the years, from Uggs to Timbalands to Dav’s, these are just some of my favorite picks.

Jimmy Choo’s rabbit-lined suede biker boots not only look good but also provide a suitably warm lining and rubber sole for the treacherous winter months! Although suede can be a tough fabric to maneuver in the winter, it is well worth investing in a suede cleaning kit for these.

However, Timbalands are always a cheaper and equally edgy alternative. The all-black classic 6” design adds interest to any outfit and the customized all-leather pair is definitely a favorite of mine.

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