Friday, 7 February 2014

Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue

Vanity Fair recently previewed the cover of their Annual Hollywood issue, which includes stars such as Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Lupita Nyong’o.  All the actors have been successful during award season so far, so there is no surprise regarding the faces on this feature. Still, the 20th issue has caught many people’s eye due to the record number of black people on the mag. For one, I think its a great mag cover (I mean it has got Jared Leto on it), but I also think it is a good celebration of what is changing in the film industry. However, reading some articles who claim it’s a ‘great leap forward’, I still think to myself, “But there are no Asians or Hispanic featured.” Maybe next year Vanity Fair will surprise the world once again, but for now I shall drool over Leto and Elba, and so envious of all the women…

Here’s a ‘behind the scenes' clip, just to keep you entertained for longer.

the tall.

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