Thursday, 10 July 2014

Why I Watch The World Cup

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To begin with, football has never been my thing: I've never followed what games are coming up nor have I worried about who plays for who or mulled over fantasy football. However, with a big worldwide event like this, it's impossible to go to any restaurant, pub or see a TV advert without coming across a football reference. 

At the beginning of the tournament, I would only watch whatever match was on when I couldn't find anything else. Once the groups were done and it came down to the final 16, I found myself coming back home from work wondering what the score was and making sure I caught the end of the game. Now with the semi-finals done and the final this week, I am definitely going out of my way to watch the match. A while ago, a friend of mine asked me why I cared about the football in the first place and in the end I pinned it down to 3 reasons:

1. The players - No seriously ladies, have you seen these men? They range from 'sexellent' to 'brb trying to decipher your haircut'.
2. The emotion - I've yet to go through a whole 90+ min without thinking "Just get up!" Never have I seen such theatricals, where men drop so quickly and get back up at the same speed once the call has been given (Robben I'm looking at you). 
3. The atmosphere - Very similar to the emotion factor, but particularly the passion and pride people have for their own countries as well as the respect of others and their players in truly wonderful. As I said, World Cup fever is very difficult to avoid so might as well enjoy it while it lasts! 

However, if you still don't care about it, then just carry on, it's only a stupid cup! 

the tall. 

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