Thursday, 14 August 2014

Eyes on Frédérique Tietcheu

This months blogger of the month is the fantastically French lady, Frédérique Tietcheu.

Who is Frédérique, you might ask? It is said she runs a pretty cool blog known as igobyfrankie, and rocks a gravity defying fro, which, I like to believe, is full of glittery unicorns, alternative paradises and holds other equally crazy Parisian secrets. 

Frankie not only works as freelance fashion stylist but also does digital marketing and has teamed up with brands such as Asos. Her style is fresh and fun and manages to simultaneously rock prints so they are sane, and block colours so they are not lame. Without being emotionally attached after recently following her blog, I can hands down say she will begin to make you question why you don’t own more pairs of shorts and trousers (or pants for our American readers!) But seriously, if you haven't already, check out her blog, ( and also her instagram ( to check out more of her greats outfits! 

the tall. 

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