Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Tall and Short's First Outing

For the first time since starting our blog, on Sunday both of us managed to make a small trip out in London! 
After writing the post about how mini bags are the perfect blend of adorable and necessary, we both decided it was high time we invested in ones for ourselves. So, we took to the great streets of London and found ourselves on the hunt for some minis to call our own.

We started out in Knightsbridge and made sure we were early enough so we could beat the crowd of keen weekend shoppers that would fill our day with dread, but late enough to nurse the mini hangovers from a brilliant night. My (Bisi) new favourite morning drink has to be the mango and passion fruit smoothie which I picked up before we headed over to Harrods. When we entered however, we found that instead of trying to shop for the perfect bag, we got so distracted wondering through the Womens couture floor and trying to find the glorious Pet Kingdom (which to our horror has now been shut down).

Dismayed and wide eyed, we strolled over to Harvey Nichols knowing they had a less daunting display. Thankfully there, I found my target: The mini Pashli. Coming in a range of colours, such as purple, black, gold and grey etc I finally came down to the metallic green or the metallic blue. Being the indecisive person that I am, I took a picture so that I could easily look at them and decide later. 

My choice (the Philip Lim mini Pashli) vs. Bundi's (the Celine nano Luggage)

Done with Knightsbridge we crossed over to Selfridges, located in hot tourist danger zone. Although it was Sunday, the department store was filled with frenzied shoppers who were still out to fulfill their summer sale needs. There we discovered the ever-cute nano Luggage. We both concluded that the Celine was the perfect mini: ranging in numerous block colours, tri-colours and prints, its a bag that has such detail, that no matter what size, you'd still have to appreciate it! 

After tirelessly spending the day so far looking at beautiful bags, we decided it was time to ease down, explore Selfridges (where we discovered this amazing section where they sell neon lights) and roamed the shoe parlours. 

In the end, we managed to pin down our favourite bags as well as eye up some future potentials. Although we didn't buy anything, you can't deny there's nothing more fun than browsing in fancy stores! 

the tall and short. 


  1. sounds and looks like fun. sooo many nice bags, love the ones you showcased.


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