Friday, 12 September 2014

Riding the Bus with BB Bakery

If I were to describe my reaction to the afternoon tea bus, confused would have been an understatement. I looked at it, questing whether it was a special event, maybe a wedding or birthday party. After a double-take I spotted the back of the bus where the concept was advertised and knowing full well I too could be part of this fun red bus ride, I called Bundi and told her to check out the website. After getting her seal of approval, we booked 2 seats. 
Honestly, things like this make me realise why I love living in a city like London. The booking process was fast and easy. Once all the details were filled out, we were given only one instruction: meet at Northumberland Avenue. We woke up Tuesday way more excited than one should be for a 1 and a half hour journey. But we joined the other waiting guests until we all spotted the bus approaching with equal glee. 


 On boarding, you are welcomed by a pretty immaculate table prepped with the afternoon meal as promised on the menu as well as lovely decoration that would make you think you were in a park having a picnic. It definitely got us in the afternoon tea frame of mind (even the mugs!) 

Besides the food, we got to do a quick tour around London, heading first for Westminster through to Knightsbridge then drifting past Notting Hill, Park Lane and Piccadilly. Our hosts were polite and humorous and were ready to help and entertain throughout the trip. However, if you were on say a romantic date (which this would be perfect for) they will leave you be and instead give you their information booklet which outlines the bakery and information about the famous landmarks that you drive past.  

We also spotted this cool kid (lady) blazing down the road on a scooter!

So, if you like bus tours or afternoon tea, are visiting London or live here, I suggest you hurry down to the BB bakery bus tours. But if you miss your chance now, never fear, they hope to bring in a Winter menu!! 

the tall. 

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